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Provide international quality of education in a contemporary learning environment which is affordable to all. We focus on development of young learners to achieve academic excellence, empower them with life long learning skills and nurturing compassion towards humanity and respect for each other.


To fulfill the vision, Sahasras provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential.
Sahasras school, must maintain a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge and skill. In particular, it must attain the highest academic standards.
In addition, drawing on its traditions and its rich history, the school should aim at the broader development of the complete personality of its students by creating:

  • An understanding and appreciation of India’s rich culture
  • A sense of integrity, ethics, and uncompromising honesty
  • A strong secular ethos
  • Leadership, with a sense of team work and fair play
  • An awareness of the environment
  • A concern for the less fortunate
  • A concern for human rights and democratic values
  • A questioning mind and a spirit of adventure


Sahasras is dedicated in ensuring that your children are provided with an environment that is most conductive to catalyze the Childs physical, emotional and social development. It is obvious that kids at a very young age are very impressionable and thus, the knowledge and skills imparted during their formative years play a pivotal role in deciding the kind of individual a child would develop into, not just from an academic perspective but in gaining emotional intelligence, maturity and being able to deal with challenges that life has to offer.

The mainstay of every activity, whether group or individual routine at Sahasras helps in making the child realize his own talent, developing a sense of self-worthiness, confident of displaying skills and being expressive.


Highly competent and qualified staff at Sahasras ensured that a child is provided with a vast range of pre-planned and professionally chosen, yet fun-filled activities that help children learn through constant process of self-exploration. Our model of learning does not insist upon imposing a classroom regime. Instead our staffs are focused on accessing the aptitude of each child, choose the right program for fitment and then further refine it through a selected assortment of classroom and outdoor activities.

The core of the identity of Sahasras has always been the teacher, the teacher who inspires students to innovate, to think, to learn, to help, to feel, to live. We believe that successful learning by the student is the result of how engaged the student is by the learning exercise. It is also marked by the extent a teacher is able to match the learning styles of the student. It means, of course, that we invest in teachers who are life-long learners, who grow and change and think and share. So, it is not surprising that we have an on-going teacher-training program, run by thinkers who are teachers and sometimes by teachers who are thinkers.


Quality education in a friendly and caring environment meeting all your child’s needs