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About Us

  • Sahasras The sheer concept of a model School conceived by a group of individuals, who has been successful in various forms of life and with the desire and passion to revamp the concept of School education. Our core team comprises of people with distinct and extensive experience and in depth knowledge ,who had modeled a unique school learning experience. Our new model provides a differential to children with a whole new experience of learning enriching experience and capable of creating better individuals not just better students.
  • Our new model of learning experience is devised based on the study and analysis of present trends of school learning providing a resourceful and effective platform which is necessary to ascertain and develop inherent undeveloped talent that is hidden within each child. We are vowed to keep up the promise to create a School education system that is capable of assessing and developing the academic, physical, cognitive and emotional skills of a child.
  • Sahasras three-acre campus boasts of an great a building designed to give students maximum space and proximity to nature. Sahasras believes that students must be constantly in touch with the natural environment. There are open corridors throughout the school that provide enchanting vistas of light and shade. All of our spacious classrooms have ample natural light.This architectural plan functions as an exciting learning space for our students. Teachers also appreciate it as it provides a diversity of inviting open-air spaces where classes will be held.


  • Education with purpose and goal - Effective and challenge based learning which in turn will create a purpose and goal for all of our students to succeed to their highest potential and preparation for life beyond the boundaries of the school.
  • Integration of the curriculum syllabus with holistic education methodology inspired by the commitment towards education for life and Learning through experience and experiments in life.
  • Build Community - bringing all students together into a supportive community that nurtures both the individual and the group. The community should permeate all possible spaces, in the classroom, in the home and Online.Emphasising on communication to ensure the students can interact and express confidently across a wide ranges of forms.
  • Pursue Innovation – Igniting the minds to actively explore, pursue and assess new ideas and technologies, while always keeping the students at the heart of the pursuit.
  • Focus on all students - Encouraging the students with ideas and information to pursue a wide variety of paths to knowledge, and supporting the personal growth for all the students.
  • Nurture all learners - Providing the opportunities and encouragement for all members of the community including teachers, students and parents to learn and grow.Ensuring that the Learning comes from the whole group, not just the teacher and not just some people in the group.
  • Value Diversity - Actively promoting and value the input of student community with a diversity of opinions and experiences from diverse backgrounds which will enrich the learning and broaden their knowledge of other peoples and cultures.
  • Effective pastoral care - ensuring that no student is forgotten and will support all of our young people to be able to perform as well as they possibly can by ensuring that they are well known and that the challenges they face are well understood.
  • Healthy and active lifestyle - promotion of healthy lifestyles to provide our students with sound advice and guidance and opportunities to engage in a range of physical activities that will offer something for all.
  • Socio- environment centric education - Explicitly intiate the students to think beyond themselves to have empathy towards the society and helping them to become critical, creative, free, active and responsible members of society with indepth understanding and concern for the environment around them.