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Every kid is special and unique Sahasras – Unique place for your unique kid

Explore your child’s inimitable potential through Sahasras model of pre-school curriculum We honestly adhere to the belief based on vivid principles. Children need to indulge in the maximum number of recreational and pleasurable activities in the early childhood with an atmosphere of love and affection, which facilitates the harmonious development of young minds. Our innovative new model of learning always strive to bring out the inherent skill by extensive training programs for good habits, social manners and etiquettes inculcated in the child. We create a sense of fairness among the children and help curb any sub-conscious orientation towards discriminating each other. Our comprehensive curriculums encourage emotional development of the child besides academic success.

Humans are creative beings

What separates us from other life forms is that we alter our environment. True education must help children to understand their true nature as creative beings.

Play is the engine that drives true learning

Play is not idle behavior. It is a biological imperative to discover how things work. It is happy work, but definitely purposeful. Sahasras sought to harness this impulse and focus child’s play energy on specific activities designed to lead them to create meaning from this experience.

Children can only learn what they are ready to learn

Each child is unique and develops according to their own schedule. Nothing can be more wasteful or frustrating than to try to force a child to march to a different beat. Sahasras works with each child’s own rhythm but makes it purposeful and guides the child toward the group.

Education means to imparting knowledge

The Latin root of the education (“educare”) means “to lead to.” Education was designed for the teacher to guide – to lead the child to an understanding. Trying to force knowledge into a young mind has been proven ineffective for centuries. It works for the short term (like cramming for a test) but does not produce lasting results.

School was meant to be a prepared environment

Sahasras recognized that you cannot control the child so he controlled everything else. A prepared environment provides the teacher with the proper tools and gives children the experiences that the teacher feels are most beneficial, leading the child’s mind to the subject at hand. It feels less structured or forced, but it is actually extremely efficient.

Activities are a window into a child’s inner world

Activities in a prepared environment give children experiences but they also provide the teacher with sophisticated diagnostic tools to assess where a child is at developmentally. The verbal exchanges between teacher and student are a window into a child’s mind.