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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
What time are you open?
What is the use of Pre-school program
Why have you chosen after school program?
How do I access my child details?
What is the difference between regular program and after school program?
Is it possible to move from regular program to an after school program and vice versa?
What are the advantages of having my child in Sahasras?
Are the programs in the curriculum designed based on any specific concept of education?
What is the competency level of the staff associated with Sahasras?
Is food available for all the children learning in Sahasras?
If a kid is found to be sick after coming to school, what will the staff do?
How often are the curriculums revised, and how is change accessed?
Are the programs available for all the kids from any age group?
How do I know what my kid is doing at Sahasras?
Will I be able to meet my child during any point of time when he is at Sahasras?
Can I send my child to Sahasras with packed food from home?
Do you have any specific program for handling aggressive children?
How can I help?