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Teacher – Student – Parent – Interconnect for our Kid’s Success

A child educated only at school is an uneducated child. When both teachers & parents are inspired to facilitate learning, children are the winners “

For Every Parents , their kid is the number one priority. And in today demanding and hurried world, Parents are always want to give everything their kid’s need. When it comes in terms of education of the kid, parents need to realize that they alone cannot fulfill all the vital requirements of the kids. In order to achieve that vital fundamentals of kid’s education, an interconnect positive relationship of Teacher- Student- Parent at school becomes an indispensable part.

The kids need’s in education can be easily addressed ,by building and maintaining a healthy, jovial camaraderie and positive relationship with the school staff ,who play a pivotal role in the kid’s success. The simple factor , we all have to remember is, Kids- whose parents talk to the teacher more, do better in school.

The other important thing, we need to keep in mind is that the teachers are not looking for miracles from the parents, But what they need is just cooperation. Ensure that your true concerns are always indicate on the betterment of your kid, along with the school At the same time, please do not intrude or ask for special treatment for your kid.

Please do remember that your kid’s teacher is like a second parent and the school is a second home for your child. Therefore, ensure you come up with right questions like

  • Is my kid able to get along with others?
  • Can my kid participate well in group activities?
  • What can I do to encourage or help my kid learn to read?
  • Is my kid experiencing difficulty with any specific skills?
  • If so, what are they!
  • How can we help him with these skills?

Parents need to ask themselves how they can be involved, how they can contribute to their kid’s school, In turn, it will contribute to their kid’s education.

  • Stay involved! Make a point to show up and participate in your kid’s school conducted events, activities, meetings .
  • Be on time, positive, and prepared for school activities and meetings.
  • Don’t forget to say “thank you” for both the big things and the little things a teacher does for your kid.
  • Saying “thank you” to the teacher/school can be more than just words!

The Teacher needs your help, and you need the teacher’s help.Befriend the Teacher, get his/her help, be cooperative to the school and you can see Your Kid reaping the results in rich way.

Happy Schooling !

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